Magical Collaboration

I could write about my recent trip to the Bay Area for my son’s graduation. Or the morning glories coming up (how different their little seedlings are from the marigolds’). I could talk about the training I’m attending and the irritating remarks of the high school principal.

Or I could share the thrill of working with the artist redesigning my four book covers, who’s just read my first novel!

Imagine publishing a book three years ago (can it be only three????), going through those years wishing the first book’s cover didn’t have such a romance look, as you go on to publish the rest of the series. Wishing, every time you saw it, that it didn’t have that romance-looking font, wishing it gave the true feeling of the story within. Being half-enthusiastic about Book 2’s cover, and contented with Book 3’s but …

Then an artist comes along who reads your first book and suggests depicting aspects of the story that you’ve never thought about for the cover. Magical and important elements! She’s not just crafting an image, she’s thinking, reflecting. The sublime feeling of this sudden new collaboration is soul-touching.

2 thoughts on “Magical Collaboration

  1. Indeed, Cristina. And the synergy of having put so much thought into it myself over so many years, then to hear someone else’s thoughts on it, what stands out to them … It’s unlike anything else.

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