Ongoing Recording Saga

The experience of recording a chapter every week keeps bringing new insights and learning. I’ve now heard my first chapter aired (sorry about the bit of background noise toward the end. I figure I’ll explain it as the sound of wind, since I say in the story that we heard “wind in the leaves”) and have recorded Chapter 2. I approached this second one with such different momentum. Two days before, I had some panic in the night, thinking “oh, no, I have to get the next one done!” which actually led to composing mentally how I wanted to introduce the next chapter, explaining a bit about the name of the place and about living there when I wrote it. I actually got up at 2 am and typed the lines that were going through my head. Then when I woke the next morning, I was thinking what songs I wanted to start and finish with. These are all things you don’t imagine before you begin the process. At least, I didn’t. I wonder what other revelations are in store as I go along.

So other than conceiving how to begin and close, this time I jumped in with a sense of how I’m giving this story, with its evocative scenes and experiences, to the audience. Recording the first chapter, I spoke kind of slowly; I think being clear was foremost on my mind. But this second time, a new momentum carried me, trusting I was speaking clearly and that further clarity comes from giving meaning, not from going slowly. Emphasis and expression, even humor, bring it alive. I’m curious if others perceive differences between the two readings! You can always make comments to me at the newsletter page. Or share your comments below!

I named the town in my Braided Dimensions series “Pomo Bluffs” after this place at the edge of town. I’d love it if it was the name of the town.

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