When I contemplate my next blog post, I search for what’s burning inside me. Or else go looking for a topic that intrigues me, a question I want to answer. I’ve known all week what’s foremost on my mind (now that I’ve started recording my chapters each week for radio without too much trouble). It’s that a lot of things are on hold as I wait for my new book covers. It’s ridiculous how many dominoes can’t tumble ’til these arrive. What things, you say? Well, I’ll tell you. The fourth book of my first series will never have a cover matching the first three. Its first cover will be part of the new covers. Therefore, I’m waiting until I have its cover to even get a galley made in order to edit (my editor prefers reading it in book form). I can’t enter contests for it or the full four-book series without the new covers. I can’t get box sets made for the holidays.

I’m also holding off on setting up newsletter promotions until I have new covers because I’m excited to present to the world my books with covers that are artist-drawn, not computer-reworked images, and that finally leave the romance font behind. I just “went with it” at the time, but I’ve had several years to think about that now. Why’s a font so important? What’s a good fantasy font? Let’s take a look.

Well, there’s not one look for fantasy fonts. What I think typifies them is that they have a look of having been crafted just as much as the art itself. I like that, defying corporate, smooth, sterile styles. They occasionally aren’t readable. Heh heh.

Choosing the font, with the artist, will be one of the final steps. I don’t think I’ll have the finished covers for another month or two. Dominoes, waiting.

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