Dream Poem – January 2022

Today I tried something a friend suggested. I made a poem by choosing a single phrase from each poem I recorded this month. It’s no work of art but intriguing, I think.

Setting up to smoke fish
Three toilets in a row
A man’s mom has died
A space capsule drops parts
We must put small fish back in the sea
I’m anxious to get to the sea-lake
Soren’s mom is staying at a cabin
I try to show a man my books but they’re not titles I ever made, only ideas I’ve had
Three large beds, two people in each
A cat named Squash Blossom
I finally go to the side yard … kids play by an old stone structure
I’ve left a brass bed at UCLA
I hold my baby on a high slanted bed
Guys slap 20’ tubes in mud
I have kids I’ve never known

The hardest part is limiting myself to a single phrase that stands out rather than adding more to explain. A few themes show up in more than one dream. I invite you to try one of your own! Anyone care to give a title to this dream poem? It seems very hard to land on one, when the lines are so disparate!

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