Water in Dreams

Water is a fascinating element in dreams, if you follow the Jungian ideas of its symbolic meanings. People usually associate water in dreams with emotion, intuition, feeling of drowning, being inundated with emotion (floods).

Recently I dreamed a repairman named Angel is seeing me from next door. At first I try to hide, but then he’s in my house. I’m wondering why something is getting wet. We go to the back bedroom, and find the ceiling has opened in a long strip and is leaking.

My dream group thought it might relate to a few days before, when someone from my workplace came over and helped me assemble furniture. In the year and a half I’ve lived in my current home, no one from school has bridged into my home life. He was being an Angel, helping me with a complex kitchen cart with glass-doored cupboard and shelves, that came from Home Depot with no assembly instructions! The manufacturer “has no instructions” for this item. Quite odd.

Edinger did an extensive study of alchemy in dreams. In Jungian practice, a symbol is looked at as to how it’s been seen over millennia of human development, as well as across thousands of dreams collected by therapists. Going back through his section on Solutio, I find that nakedness is one meaning of water in dreams. In the dream, I try to hide. What comes to me is that we have to dissolve ego attitudes in order to let emotion touch us, let it get through, as I did when I let myself be “seen” (in my home); a flow begins. Drip. Drip.

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