Theater Camp

Have you ever said yes to something and then wondered for weeks why you did? Someone suggested I join her at a three-day theater camp that’s been going on for decades. I thought, “I’ve wanted to try local theater for a long time. I’ll give it a whirl,” and plunked down the money. Now it’s almost time and I’m asking myself, “What was I thinking?” It’s rustic cabins and bunks with thin pads. I hate uncomfortable bedding. It’s three days around a lot of other people who love to be performative. Do I like that? Gosh, not normally.

When I started singing in choirs, I experienced an adult growth spirt. Having grown up in a household with a dad who was obsessive about us not being loud (though he could sure bellow, himself), I can tend to keep quiet. Writing has brought my “voice” out and so has teaching; I think performance is sometimes good for my soul.

I collected together an elf costume which enhances the appeal. Other than an evening costume event, there will be a silly-Shrek-theme cabin crawl with lots of bubble machines. Truly, even though I’ve read the information, I can’t picture the overall experience: meals like camp when I was 8; workshops; evening performances the attendeeds put on. My friend and I are working on a song. Wish me luck! I’ll let you know how it turns out.

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