Not in Washington

I’m supposed to be at my nephew’s wedding this weekend, in a campground an hour out of Portland. I had an airbnb booked in Rainier, everything set up, and I got covid, for the first time ever. My nephew, niece, brother, sister, son, etc… will be there. Without me. Bummer. Staying home leaves me free to focus on some publishing deadlines. I don’t have to leave the cats again after being away last weekend. But I’ve felt pretty pouty today.

I said I’d write a follow up on my theater camp experience. It turns out I came down with covid during the camp so started sequestering myself in my cabin until my ride home. It’s an amazing camp, though. There’s a set of people who’ve been attending for decades. But these people are warm and welcoming. They encourage and foster others’ development and growth and showcasing of potential. My favorite performances were two soloists who wrote their own music and sang beautifully. One is going to have his musical called Lester performed in Berkeley. The other sang her own song, Ghostlight by Jen Coogan. Though there are hardships to the camp milieu (e.g. the beds), I give it an A+.

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