Strange Art

My favorite art is strange, detailed, well-executed. My daughter went to the Louvre in Paris yesterday and the Kunsthaus in Zurich – Art House in German today. It’s from the latter that she sent many more photos. I love Salvador Dali, Chagall. Picasso. I’m thinking it’s similar to loving fantasy and sci fi literature. It’s the unexpected and it’s often somewhere between nature and the built environment. During the era of abstract art, I thought “I’ll never be with it” as far as taste in art. I like to actually see things. But strange isn’t the whole story. It’s also rich colors, light and dark, and stretching my mind and thoughts, just as fantasy sci fi does. …

I’ve always been able to draw what I see, but ideas for the kind of art I love don’t come to me. It’s in writing that ideas weave themselves out of me and onto the page.

What do you love in art? Do any of these touch you?

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