Students’ Fall Poems

“…like a door that keeps turning in a half forgotten dream”
Like a tornado going around spinning, 
Destroying the city at sunrise nonstop.
Going around taking lives,
Taking houses, taking progress.
The joy is no longer here.
The fun has turned.
Oh well…
There’s nothing I can do about it.
Super sad to watch the world fall down.
Why would I wanna watch something I helped build fall down?

Zoey Dixon
“Autumn Season”

Walking in the leaves as I watch the mind change
 sitting at the table eating apple pie two weeks after it still lasts 
cozy sweater by the fire
Well, I watched the autumn season pass by,
Will you?
Watch for the steaming pumpkin pie.
How that autumn passed by.
I will open the windows of my mind,
Raking the fall leaves
As the wind passes by these different pies
In the windows of your mind
As the sun goes down
The next day comes ,
The sarcotre birds and the crem nutmeg,
As the sun goes down,
And the seasons change,
In the windows of your mind.

Leanna Moore
A blue jay laid a blue egg.
The blue egg fell on a blue egg.
Next to the blue egg
Are the apples for the seasons.

Jovany Villagomez
The sunlight, the moonlight are in the sky.
The sunset looks like a pumpkin that grows in a pumpkin.
The pumpkin looks like a leaf that needs to change color,
Like a pie, but with every color
The pie is like a rainbow,
That grows bigger and bigger like an apple
That needs wiggle of a tree
That grows all the time,
Like your mind.

Jovany Villagomez
“It’s Fall”

Soon the world was covered in
Cobbler crust of brown sugar and cinnamon
Pumpkin spice and something nice
It’s fall….

Niyah Robinson
Leaves and leaves falling
From the sky to the sun
To the moon to goodnight.
It doesn’t matter to me chasing clouds.

Something is calling to me:
Those gentle voices I hear near the trees.
I am just beginning to see the beautiful sun.

Adrian Villagomez

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