Urban Fantasy

I'm considering writing another book in my Braided Dimensions series. What I'd like to do is make Book 5 more of an urban fantasy. Characters would probably still slip into medieval time, but for the most part I picture it taking place in the East Bay (San Francisco Bay Area). The first four books are already set in part there. 

Urban fantasy is usually described as any story set in a city, with magic. I've also seen a sort of rule that most people in the city don't know magic exists. That's an interesting point and I suppose it's true of my novels. Kay is surprised to find magic in medieval time. But is the definition really that broad? As with "paranormal" fiction, there are diehards who have a set of expectations. If you list your book in a give-away, the host will sometimes say "Don't call it urban fantasy if it's not!" What elements are they worried might be missing? I'm afraid for some it must always contains darkness and violence. The fae have to be sinister. 

I have sinister in my stories, they're not just a walk in the park, not exactly cozy. But on the other hand, there won't be a lot of stabby stuff. If dark is more wierd, stretching the norms, bringing in the unexpected, I'm all for that. 

If you're an urban fantasy reader, write a comment! What do you look for? I imagine there has to be a range of tastes. But what draws you in the word urban? What does it assure you of? 

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