In this world, where hashtags appear everywhere, it seems amazing that I've never really researched how they work. How do people know to use a certain set of numbers and letters to connect on a topic? Okay, I'm finally studying them. One instruction suggests using a set of three hashtags: what you are, your subject, and your audience - like #fantasyreaders

How do you find out if a hashtag already exists? Well, there are hashtag generators like SISTRIX which give you "successful hashtags" whatever that means. You can put in terms and get back "suitable and potentially advantageous" hashtags "based on over 15 billion hashtag-combinations." This kind of language cracks me up. I'm just trying to reach those who share a love of fantasy literature, though I suppose some of my blog posts are focused on topics that need a swelling of passion, and action.   

What if I just create a hashtag, say, with one of my book titles? What happens? Anything? Does it wash away into a sea of disregard? Well, let me start by following the rule of 3: 
#fantasywriter, #fantasyreaders, #lostxentu

What will happen? Where will these hashtags go? Who will find them and how? 

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