Follow up – Anchor Bay

For this post, I braved parking at the top of the hill and walking down the narrow roadside far enough to photograph from above the mobile homes and RVs to show how they extend all the way from the road (Highway 1) to the cove. Cars raced by, inches from me as I clung close to the guardrail. This photo starts about halfway down double row of homes and recreation vehicles.

I’m frankly fascinated by this place. I posted more details on it and the town above it in a previous post. The road descends in a long horseshoe that surrounds it; vehicles/homes squeeze in in two rows from outer road to the shore.

You can see below i photographed the coastline from the top of the hill. There were surfers in the water just north of this view.

i also drove into the campground/park. It’s very marked up as private so I shot a photo out the front of my car (below, right). People have their areas fixed up, with decorated patios, small green houses, etc… A few residents sat by the road, at the ends of their units, or walked dogs.

The air is filled with the smell of campfires; it’s like living on a permanent camping trip.

As you drive up the other side, toward the tiny town of Anchor Bay, if heading south, you might see a view like this, down over the tops of RVs and traliers, through the trees.

I have to say the place fills me with a mix of feelings. I’m appalled by permanently filling a special place like this in with homes and travel vehicles. Natural coves used to be sacred, to people like the Celts. On the other hand, pulling in there brought back fond memories to me of camping as a child. Where some members of my family preferred the wilderness, I always loved checking out the other campsites, seeing if there were kids my age, peering into others’ lives as they got up and started their day, brushing teeth, drinking coffee from tin cups. The smells, the sounds. Campgrounds have gotten more electronic these days and don’t feel like they did when I was a child, but the smell of the wood fires hasn’t changed a bit.

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